Sunday, May 2, 2010

Easter morning baby......

This was my little easter bunny on easter morning :)

Aubrey's first round of golf

So, a few weekends ago we took Aubrey for her first trip to the golf course. She had a blast, Skip says we have to start her young! It really was a great day. She is such a happy baby we can take her anywhere and she just has fun! Skip shot the second best round of golf of his life, he was a happy camper!

Splish, Splash I was taking a bath.....

Bath time is one of Aubrey's favorite things, next to eating! She has always loved to take a bath. She kicks water up to the ceiling and plays with her toys... it's so much fun!

Am I cute.....or am I cute ?!?!

I just thought this would make everyone smile :) She is almost FIVE months old and I can't believe it! She is just the sweetest thing in the world!