Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow day!

We have lots of snow here in Clarksville! It is so pretty I took a picture out of my front door and out of my kitchen window looking at my backyard to put on here. I also have a picture of Aubrey, her daddy has put his camo hunting beanie on her this morning, it is too funny! She will let you do anything to her :) We are planing on sledding in a little while, Skip's mom is going to keep her inside where it's warm while we play in the snow...seems kind of backwards, huh? Anyways, I also took a picture of the dresser that mom and I painted for Aubrey's room and a piece of furniture that I painted for my kitchen. Skip took me for my birthday to a pottery room in town so that I could make a plate with her hand and foot prints so that is what the plate is. Hope everyone has a great weekend! I will put up more snow day pics as I take them!


  1. the pictures of her in daddy's hat? priceless. and i love the crackle dresser!

  2. So did you end up painting those yourself?? I love the pop of color the red one adds to the room!