Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Four month old check-up today...

So, today was Aubrey's four month check-up! Yes, she had to get shots... and yes, I wanted to smack the lady who do it! Skip always comes to each Dr. visit, he is the one to hold her when the mean lady sticks her little legs :( The doctor said she was just perfect! She weighed 15 pounds (83%) and was 25 inches long (75%). He also said that we could start introducing single veggies and fruits to her too. We are supposed to start with two tablespoons per day of one veggie. So, tonight was green bean night! It was really funny to watch her eat food and boy was she ready! For the past few weeks she has been grunting at our food and drooling while we eat! Here is a picture for you of green beans round one! Enjoy!

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